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80 Questions About Snaplock
Snaplock Sunblood, fantroll from pre-industrial, pre-Empire times. Warlord of a decently-sized territory, bordered by the ocean and rival warlords. This version is for the Replay Value AU

1. Name: Childhood name was Lanian Oniare, title is Snaplock Sunblood or either of the two words alone.

2. Age: 39 years, 18 sweeps

3. Gender: Female

4. How tall is s/he?: 5'4"

5. Describe their eyes: Yellow irises, with normal schlera for trolls. Her right eye is scarred up and blind.

6. Sexuality:  Pansexual.

7. Race/Species: Troll

8. Siblings?: None, being a troll.

9. Lover(s)?: She has a kismesis in unseeingAugur, and that's about it for official.

10. Any talents or abilities, even if these are included in your canon (i.e. they can fly, but they live with angels, so everyone can fly)?
Does fanon count? Fanon has it that trolls are tougher than humans, so she has that. She's also a pretty good marksman, or was before she lost her eye.

11. Any talents and abilities that are unusual in their canon (i.e. a psychic human in real life)?
No warlords in Homestuck, so her ability to command an army a thousand strong was one before Sgrub took her horde away.

12. What's their religion/belief system?
Passive follower of the local gods in her territory. Has a weird mishmash of Norse and other European mythology happening too. Loki totally sold a meadery water from the Lethe once. Totally.

13. Have you ever renamed, redesigned, or reworked this person? How?
Her name was once Lanion with an o when I redesigned her for a human-only game with a naming convention. In that she was a bandit who ditched her husband and daughter to go raid. Think deadbeat mom.

14. Do they have an alternate form?

15. Are they based on a real person?

16. Or another character?
She was originally made to be the Ancestor of my yellowblood fantroll, Norion Gliese. The replayers would only know her as casualUcalegon's auspistice, who force-tiered him once. A lot of her traits are basically Norion's but in a way that doesn't cause trouble in her native environment. Like, Norion is a trigger-happy rampage-risk while Snaplock is violent with a purpose, and Norion is a rumormonger while Snaplock manipulates them to up her reputation.

17. Do they go to school?
No schooling for peasants-turned-raiders-turned-warlords!

18. How often do they spend in front of a mirror?
Just enough to check that she looks suitably imposing.

19. If given a gun, what would they do?
A modern one she'd probably try to operate and then throw it down in frustration because she's used to muzzle-loaders that lack safety-switches. Others she'd either puzzle out or already be familiar with (with ones around the time period of the snaplock rifle). She would then keep them to use as a weapon.

20. What do they like wearing?
She has a belted tunic, trousers, a worn cloak, and something that can be described as a oversized, formal bib. It is roughly triangular in shape, reaches down to her pants, and serves as an easy identifier since it's large and yellow on black with her sign on it.

21. Describe their hair:
Black. Messy. That's about all you need to know.

22. Where does this character live?
She used to live in her home territory, which included part of a forest, a plains region, and a chunk of coastline. Now she lives wherever Sgrub takes her.

23. Can they cook?
Ish? On her own she can just throw meat on a fire but she does a lot better with a Carapace kitchen master shouting instructions at her.

24. Would they enjoy a surprise party thrown for them?
After the people she hurts have licked their wounds, sure. She doesn't like being surprised, but parties are fine.

25. Have they ever killed someone? Who? Why?
Hoh boy. She's killed a lot of people over the years in her raids. She doesn't really remember them in particular, because it's not a thing that stands out to her. Confront her for killing your moirail/matesprit/whatever and she won't even know what you're talking about. She's killed a lot of people, so why should she remember your kin in particular?

26. Do they feel guilty about that killing/multiple killings?

27. Any secrets?
Snaplock isn't as confident as she pretends to be. Ninetine left a big pair of boots to fill, and she's worried she's not living up to his legacy. She feels she's let the horde down by getting them Doomed in Sgrub, and is trying to think of some way she could have gotten more of them in as proper players.

Also, she did not lose her eye from single-handedly fighting a cholerbear like she claims she did. It was from a stupid mistake in her youth shortly after she joined Ninetine's horde.

28. Do they have a tattoo? Do they want one?
She has a couple of colormarks from past kismeses, but she's either let them fade or scarred over them. She's interested in getting a new one from her current kismesis.

29. What about piercings?
Several in her ears. Metal rings are a common way to show off status in the horde, so she has some gold earring she wears. Her second-in-command wears silver, and the rest argue with each other over who gets to wear what style and material. Wood is common in the lower ranks.

30. Medical conditions?
Blind in her right eye, probably has some internal parasites. Definitely has fleas.

31. Are they generally violent?
Let's just say yes.

32. Are they shy or outgoing?
Outgoing like whoa. Likes wine, women (and men), and song, especially with a good brawl to round out the day.

33. Honest or deceitful?
She lies a lot, usually to exagerrate her abilities and the strength of her horde. Doesn't see any point in telling a truth with no use in it.

34. Optimistic or Pessimistic?
Outwardly optimistic, because pessimist warlords don't last long. Inwardly worries a lot.

35. Loving or distant?
Does obsessive count? If she considers you kin or comrade, she will fight to the end for your honor. There's not a lot of love in there, though.

36. Young or old?
Old for her caste and profession.

37. Bad or good?
Bad. She's a violent, kill-happy warlord with a really weird sense of morals.

38. Are they good at winning an argument?
If by arguing you mean shouting into submission, yes.

39. Name something unusual about them:

40. Are they a virgin?
Not by a long shot.

41. Have they ever had sex with their own gender?

42. Name some prejudices s/he has:
Biased against seadwellers, seeing them as freaks of nature. Even more biased against scholars, noblemen, and intellectuals. Thinks of the local villagers as little more than a source of income or troops.

43. Give me something random about them:
She sings when she's drunk.

44. Do they drink?

45. Smoke?
Nope. That's a nobleman thing, ugh. Tobacco is expensive to import, so...

46. Do drugs?
Tried it, didn't like not having a clear head.

47. Are they addicted to anything?
Power? Does that count?

48. What's their impression on people at first glance?
"Are you hostile or a victim?"

49. Is this true once they're more well known to someone?
"Okay, you're upgraded to ally."

50. Name something that's different about them now than when you first came up with them:
Her secret underconfidence didn't used to be there, but that's about it.

51. Is there anything about this character that's surprising to you?
How much the people on the IRC like her. I was worried she'd be seen as a two-bit bad guy. :P

52. How was their childhood?
Tedious work interspersed with hiding from raids. The usual in her village.

53. What's one of their weaknesses?
She's slow to react on her blind side and can be prompted to rash decisions if she doesn't have her horde there to remind her to think things through.

54. Their greatest strength?
Sheer tenacity and don't-give-a-crap-ness.

55. Something they hate:
Noblemen and people that act like them.

56. Something they love:
Old myths and stories.

57. How's their self esteem?
Outwardly a lot higher than inwardly.

58. One thing they hate about themselves:
Lack of depth perception.

59. One thing they love about themselves:
Everything else.

60. How's their ego?
High. She is better than you just because.

61. Describe their past:
Started as Lanian Oniare, a peasant in a farming village. Her water buffalo lusus helped plow the fields and haul goods in exchange for food and a home. When she was big enough to do work herself, she did. Frequently by standing in the fields with a stick, chasing away animals attracted to the crops. Taught herself sewing because who else was going to repair her clothes when they tore? Survived a couple of raids by her lusus grabbing her by the shirt and running until they could hide in the forest.

During one raid, her lusus decided that enough was enough and they were going to join up. This involved waiting until Ninetine's raiders had moved on to searching houses for loot, grabbing Lanian by the collar, and walking up to them. The raiders had a beast-talker psychic interpret what the buffalo wanted, then decided that if the higher-ups said no they could sell the two of them into slavery, so win-win situation.

Leaned on her lusus to pull her weight until she was big enough to fight, worked her way though the hierarchy, and eventually became second-in-command. Started calling herself first Sunblood, then Snaplock Sunblood along the way. She expected to stay in her position until she died, because Immortal Ninetine was called that for a reason. His death by infected battle wound shocked the entire horde.

After five sweeps as warlord, four meteors landed with lab computers from The Medium and the Sgrub game. Eminence Glasseye, ruler of the nearby port city-state, sold her the locations of the meteors in exchange for money and a piece in whatever was on them. She fought off a rival to secure them, and brought the strange devices back to her base. She figured out how to use the computer with the help of instructions written by a future-self and then started her first session.

62. How was their family life?
She really loved waterbuffalomom.

63. Are they happy now? Why?
By no means. Snaplock hates the game and hates that it took her power from her.

64. Do you like them?
She is a fun character to play.

65. Would you get along with them if you met them in real life?
Oh god no. I would be terrified of her.

66. Would they like you?
By no means.

67. Are they smart?

68. Are they tricky?
She can be, though she doesn't like it.

69. Do you know how they are going to die?
Not yet.

70. Do you plan on killing them off?
Not in particular.

71. Do they like to read?
Nope. She's barely literate as is.

72. What's their favorite… book?

73. Movie?

74. Person?
Herself. :P
Alternately, her second-in-command Snowrise.

75. Time of day?
Midnight. Time's-a-wasting, let's go do stuff!

76. Animal?

77. Thing to do?
Drink and brawl while drunk.

78. Are you tired of this meme yet? xD
It's a pretty long one, yeah.

79. Has it helped you?

80. Will you do it for another character?
Dunno. Maybe?

81. Go tag someone. And go tell xxcrashgirlxx on deviantART that you used it!


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